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Media Independence

Here are some ideas that can help you better enjoy work and leisure time and gain some much-needed media independence:

1. Get a digital camera

Between visiting family, traveling the globe, and everyday activities, you have many moments to capture. If you're still capturing those moments on film, it's time to upgrade. Digital cameras offer numerous benefits over their film counterparts, most notably the ability to review pictures immediately after you take them, deleting the ones you don't like, and saving the ones you do.

2. Decide when you watch TV

You likely remember some revolutionary electronic breakthrough in your lifetime. Just when you wondered what they'll think of next, advances in technology have once again revolutionized TV. Digital video recorders (DVRs) with built-in hard disks and easy-to-navigate on-screen guides, like TiVo, can record hours and hours of your favorite programming and allow you to watch it anytime you'd like.

3. Take the music with you

If you still have CDs, then you're ready for an upgrade. MP3 and other similar digital formats have transformed the way we buy and listen to music. Digital music players can store entire music collections and are smaller and more portable than a CD or tape player. Simply import tunes from your CDs or purchase and download songs or entire albums from an online music store.

Being Energy Savvy

Five simple tips to help families save electricity - and money:
  • Look for the label: The EPA's ENERGY STAR label quickly identifies energy-efficient appliances and electronics.
  • Automate it: Automated technology to control electricity and air conditioning can translate into big savings. Start with a programmable thermostat.
  • Get the facts: Most people don't like to read their owners' manuals, but manuals are full of energy saving ideas. Read your manual to ensure you are taking full advantage of all the energy-conservation capabilities available with your electronic devices.
  • Unplug it: Many electronic devices, such as televisions, DVD players, stereos, computers, and cell phone battery chargers, continue to draw a small amount of power even when turned off or not in use. Unplugging them, versus only turning them off.
  • Centralize it: Make it easy to turn off electronics when they are not in use by plugging them into power strips. Power strips make it easy to turn off multiple electronics all at once.
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